Genealogy Club

GenealogyThe mission of the Wilsonville Genealogy Club is to encourage and nurture an interest in genealogy by providing instruction, information, and inspiration to its members.

Club members will:
  • Discover new genealogical resources and tools
  • Discuss personal research and goals
  • Learn from experienced genealogists


The Wilsonville Genealogy Club meets at the Wilsonville Library on the third Monday of every month from 1 to 2:30 p.m., and is open to seasoned genealogists and beginners. 


Finding Your Ancestral Gold

with Laurence Overmire, author & genealogist
Saturday, May 6
1 - 3 PM

Did you ever have the experience of going on a hunt for buried treasure? Or wish you were an archaeologist digging through the layers of the ancient past? Or maybe you’ve always wanted to be a detective who finds the clues and solves the mystery? Now's your chance!

Everyone has an amazing family history – but most have no clue how truly remarkable it is, because they have never investigated the generations going far far back in time. This workshop, led by a genealogist, inspires you to embark on a quest for your ancestral heritage and guides you through the steps to get you started.

LAURENCE OVERMIRE is the author of 10 books. He has had a multi-faceted career as genealogist, poet, actor, director, educator and public speaker. Overmire's poetry has been widely published in the U.S. and abroad in hundreds of magazines, journals, and anthologies. His recent offering, The Ghost of Rabbie Burns: An American Poet's Journey Through Scotland, is his fourth collection of poems, though it also includes a fair amount of family history and genealogy. It recounts the author's quest to find his ancestral roots and heritage, which according to his great-grandmother Burns' family tradition includes a descent from the uncle of the iconic poet Robert Burns. His most recent book is Digging for Ancestral Gold: The Fun and Easy Way to Get Started on Your Genealogy Quest.