History Pub

The Wilsonville Public Library Foundation, the Wilsonville / Boones Ferry Historical Society, and McMenamins have teamed up to present monthly programs focusing on Oregon’s rich history.
History Pub

Join us the last Tuesday of each month at 6:30 p.m. at Wilsonville McMenamins’ Old Church for an engaging evening of Oregon history. The admission is free. Minors must be accompanied by parent. Doors open at 5:30 PM.

McMenamins' Old Church is located in the Fred Meyer Shopping Center at 30340 SW Boones Ferry Road.

Upcoming Events:

No History Pub in December

January 31

“Gender and Justice at the End of the Oregon Trail” with local history authors Ken and Kris Bilderback
Tuesday, January 31
6:30 PM - 8:00 PM
The Old Church at Wilsonville McMenamins

Gender has played a pivotal role in criminal justice since Oregon was a territory. In the earliest days, a widow was not allowed to manage her late husband's estate, or even to serve as guardian of her own children. Well into the 20th Century, women and even young girls could be sentenced to men's prisons. Domestic violence often went ignored, unpunished, or even sometimes treated as a joke in courtrooms and newspapers. Husbands could have their wives committed to mental hospitals for the flimsiest of reasons.

Were it not for the perseverance of pioneer feminists like Lola Baldwin, Manche Langley, and Fern Hobbs, working to change the criminal and judicial systems from within, Oregon might be a very different state than the one we know today.

February 28

“Following Amelia: The Legacy of Oregon's 99s” with aviation professional Debra Plymate
Tuesday, February 28
6:30 PM - 8:00 PM
The Old Church at Wilsonville McMenamins

Oregon women have been taking to the skies since the early days of aviation. In 1929, twenty women entered the first women's cross-country air race, including Oregonian Edith Foltz and Amelia Earhart. Later that year, 99 of the 117 women pilots at the time formed "The Ninety-Nines," for mutual support and the advancement of aviation. Amelia Earhart became the 99s' first president.

Learn about Amelia Earhart's visit to Oregon, the 99s who hosted her, and those who joined the group from the 1930s on. There is a rich legacy of achievement and contributions to aviation by Oregon women in the 99s. Debra Plymate, herself a 99 and native Oregonian, will relive the adventures of notable 99s, including:

• First Oregon 99, Edith Foltz
• Tex Rankin students, Mary Riddle and Leah Hing
• Taylorcraft pilot who flew nonstop Canada to Mexico in 1941, Evelyn Burlson
• First female commercial helicopter pilot on the West Coast, Nancy Livingston
• Bessie Halladay, 1930s travelling flight instructor
• Hillsboro flight instructor and Aerocar Traffic Reporter, Ruth Wikander

March 28

Bootlegging the Oregon Way; Finn John, OSU History Professor  

April 25  

Alien Skulls; The Ultimate Archeological Find, Faye Sweeney  

May 30


June 27  

Shipwrecks, Legends, & Lost Treasures-Historical Archaeology on the Oregon Coast, Scott Williams, Archaeologist              

July 25  

Public Treasures: WPA Artworks in Oregon, Margaret Bullock, Curator of the Tacoma Art Museum

August 29


September 26

To Catch a Thief: International Art Theft & the FBI, Lynne Richardson, Former FBI Art Theft Agent